Golf Mapping a Division of Rexius has one common goal and that is to create the most comprehensive GPS as built map in the industry. We are well versed at placing all data into either the Toro, Rainbird, or Hunter software programs. We work closely with the superintendents to ensure accuracy and functionality of all data gathered on each course. Detailed to us at Rexius means  we map all features, all irrigation components, all drainage components, and document all trees, we also map all roads, cart paths, ponds, streams, and any other item pertinent to the maintenance of the course.

For years, we have based our mapping on the needs of the superintendent. We still believe that they will receive the most reward from our system. With all of the data, they will be able to manage their budget, manage their labor, and document the constant changes a course will go through over time. The superintendent will have at his fingertips the square footage of ALL area features, the location and description of the entire irrigation system, the location and description of all drainage components, and a complete and detailed tree as-built to include description. To keep a course healthy the superintendent puts in a tremendous amount of time, we believe with the correct information and detailed documentation we can provide, this will allow for easier control and management of the budgets and personnel. Our system is interactive with all of the irrigation software programs and also very easy to use allowing the superintendent the freedom to spending more time outdoors on the course instead of at the computer desk, this gives the superintendent a great advantage in maintenance operations.

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