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Rexius is nationally recognized for the quality of its products and services as well as its industry innovations.  As the founder and leader in the manufacturing of pneumatic blower equipment, Rexius has been instrumental in developing new markets and application techniques with Express Blower trucks.  Rexius now use these techniques in all aspects of the landscape, construction and erosion control industries.

Rexius Golf Construction Division has a wide range of experience in commercial landscape construction, golf course and sports field construction, all phases of irrigation, maintenance, and erosion control.  Their vast experience, combined with the existing material resources and knowledge makes Rexius capable of handling the largest projects with great success.

In 1995 when Golf Mapping first applied GPS to the golf facilities, they had a vision of where GPS in golf could go. Today, with Rexius we are realizing and putting to use that vision, to assist course owners, managers, builders, architects in there daily endeavors. Having been involved the golf industry for over 30 years, covering every facet from shaping on a dozer, to managing course construction, Rexius has worked hand in hand with PGA Professionals and superintendents. Over the past 9 years while growing the concept, they have developed a thorough understanding of the customer needs and their desire to possess accurate detailed information about their facilities, being  known for giving our clients a little extra, we maintain that integrity, through the use of GPS Software.

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Robert Overdorf
(425) 879-8215
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