Welcome to Golf Mapping a Division of Rexius, as you tour our site you will find we are bringing the same excellence that has been a major part of the Rexius heritage.

Golf Mapping, Division of Rexius; Our GPS service is an extremely efficient method of gathering a complete "data set" of a golf course. The data set provides all the information that is critically important to a course's successful development and management.

We are currently the only company in the industry that delivers the client our product as software. This allows for great customer service, immediate use of the data and file integration for creating yardagebooks, websites, CAD maps, irrigation programming maps and much more.

Our GPS product benefits all the individuals involved in the design, construction, development, and management of a golf course. Architects, owners, PGA professionals, marketing departments and especially superintendents, can all benefit from our data collection skills. As the computer age grows, so does the need for this type service.

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